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Specializing in: Psychic Readings
Languages: English

Hello my name is Angelina and I am here to help you and all matters of life. I give full detail readings making sure that you are 100% satisfied and you’re fully understand your reading!

About My Services

Needing guidance to the right career path is most important ! So helping you find the right path and being your guidance is what I’m looking to do. It is a huge steppingstone in your life. So there’s no need to be alone and I want to help guide you and show you what the future holds for your finances.


I’ve been using my gift for more than over 15 years. I have helped many people in my community and I am looking to expand.

Other gifts

past Down from Generations so this is nothing new to me this is not something I studied this is in my blood this is what I am meant to do

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