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Aassurance Shirley

Specializing in: Tarot Cards
Languages: English

Natural born Psychic spiritualist reader, clairvoyant born with the gifted straight-forward and hones. specialist relationship a reunited love,Dating. cheating, career, new job, promotion in position, money, financial growth

About My Services

I use tarot cards, my psychic ability, and my guide to deliver the truth in a kind way, whether good or bad news.
Non-judgmental of your situation, feel free to ask anything without fear of judgment. I provide time frames if I pick them up. Degrees and Qualifications: Associate Degree (natural sciences).MY GIFTS: Clairsentience (empathic) – I can feel & describe energy & emotions from other people. Clairvoyant – I have the ability to "see" or gain information about an object, person, location or physical event. Claircognizance (knowing) – Sensing knowledge of a situation. I also have visions (mental pictures), and contact with guides. I am not good with specific numbers, monetary amounts, or geographical locations, but can generally work around that. Tarot Card Interpretations – 15+ years experience. Empath – feeling the energy and emotions of client and others involved in the session. Non-judgmental reader – You can ask me anything, without hesitation and without fear of ridicule. I accept all circumstances with an open mind. Over 15 years experience providing readings professionally and over 8 years online. I’ve studied the esoteric my entire adult life, most recently Reiki healing over the distance.


My goal is to see clients energy become peaceful and empowered to take control over their own lives and find their path to happiness. At times I perform distance healing sessions during a reading (or after on request). It is not uncommon for a client to feel a sense of peace or relief after a reading with me. However, I won’t tell you what you hope to hear in order to give you the false sense of relief that delays progress. I will give you what you need, the truth, help you to explore your options, and provide insight into what your choices/options will lead to. If you feel that you are impulsively contacting psychics for readings as a means of "quick fix" to an emotional state, this is not what readings are intended for. A psychic reading can provide you with insight into situations & the feelings of people, as well as provide you with likely predictions and time frames – it is a snapshot based on current circumstances. The actions of those involved in a reading can change both time frames and outcomes. This is why advice is sometimes given along with predictions. Psychics can provide you with advice on the best possible action to take to reach the outcome you desire If the desired result is something that is attainable. A psychic reading should leave you feeling more empowered, relaxed, and peaceful, not dependent on more readings in order to feel emotional stability. NOTE TO ALL POTENTIAL CLIENTS: Often readings are needed at very emotional times, please keep in mind that I’m not here to prove my abilities or convince anyone. My feedback is my reference. I don’t provide free connection time, but I do not read without establishing a connection. I will not entertain test questions. If you’re skeptical, don’t come without a positive, open mind. I will also not tolerate the rude or obnoxious behavior. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. Be nice. Don’t take your frustrations out on me, I’m here to help. Please be respectful of my time and energy. Don’t come into a chat session you don’t intend to pay for. This includes coming in to update prior to reading or chit chat. If you have something you want to tell me but don’t want to pay for a session, please leave a message or email to update before coming in for reading. I value my time and yours. Please add enough time to cover your questions 3 min readings can’t cover much. I prefer to cover questions/topics – 1 at a time please. Relax. Be patient. Rushed, hurried sessions tend to contain more limited detail than relaxed sessions. There is an icon at the top of the screen that shows I’m typing.

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