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Psychic Liz

Specializing in: Fortune Telling
Languages: English

I am one of the most honest, genuine person you will come across, I see it all, especially with matters of the heart, I am a pretty well known psychic. LBGTQ friendly. Please give me a shot. You wont regret it.

About My Services

Hi, My name is Liz ,

I have been doing readings for over 15 years, my grandmother is a first generation psychic medium, she provided readings with her Catholic Bible, and this is what she tought me, out of 29 grandchildren, I was the only one who pursued the psychic medium road.
I started off by doing the bible readings completed by my grandmother. I loved this method but in reality, I felt like I would connectn with Tarot cards better, and so I practiced for over 1 year for free, before providing paid readings.
Last year I did 780 face to face readings, I have never been wrong, and no matter what, my clients keep coming back to me. I provide FULL medium readings, and FULL psychic readings.

I also work with crystal balls, reiki, ruins, text, video, and pet readings. I also do past life readings.

I will answer all and any question.

Cheating is my specialty.


I have multiple avenues of experience, including vendor events, spa and meditation events. I’ve also done weddings, bachelorette parties, and all you continue to provide daily readings one on one, or in a group gallery setting. I also run my own group, and provide free readings to those in need, needing direction.

Other gifts

PSW Certificate
Reiki Master
Crystal Expert
Mediumship Level 1&2

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