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About Me

Hey All!!. Welcome to my profile. This is Psychic chris and let me give a short intorduction of myself:😊
I have have been providing reading for 10 years and I use my spiritual and psychic abilities to solve love and relationship 👫 issues like breaking up and divorce, marital Issues, single and dating, money, and career aspects for the future. I have a very deep psychic vision and I can feel things through vibrations too.

Service & Experience

Hey, welcome to my profile. My name is Chris, I am Spiritually Gifted Psychic. My Gifts Include:
Clairvoyance – Tarot card – Healing – Love Energy Boost – Negative energy cleansing  😇

I've been reading for past 10 years I started at a very young age. My gifts are inherited by my ancestors. I am able to tell you when and where you will meet your soulmate or if you already have. I am also able to tell you if he or she is the right one for you. As a psychic healer, I am able to tell you the past as it was, the present as it is, and the future as it will be. Whether it's love and relationships, money and finances, business and career, or home health and family. I am able to tune in, just by your name and date of birth I am able to give you clarity, direction in guidance to the answers you seek. I can heal your soul from any negativity you have encountered. As for being an advisor, I am also able to help you meditate, and tell you what tools you would need to start your meditation. I have helped many around the world who seek help for guidance and direction in one's life. My goal is to help you get to your path where you belong. Do you have questions? I have the answers you seek. My reading style is compassionate honest caring, but no sugarcoating. I will tell you like it is, and how it should be. Don't delay reach me today for an amazing tomorrow. I am not only a psychic I am also your friend.

My Premium Services 

Love Energy Boost: 🥰 (Candle is required you have to arrange as well)
When connected to a soulmate it's becomes a whole connection. not only within feelings but within thoughts, emotions and energy. carrying the weight of your soulmate or twin flames energy can be difficult especially when being done for so long. it can cause anger, fear, doubt, assumptions or disconnection. allow me to discover the energy, balance it and clear it. I will light a taper candle with its color connecting to the matter while using your name and do along with your person’s name and dob. It is a simple yet strong love candle that will help unleash any and all hidden positive energy that is not being seen or felt by you and your soulmate. Better communication, open understanding and positive focus.

Negative energy cleansing:❎
Negative energy cleansing – Manifesting is another form of prayer. Through this negative energy cleansing we will be praying to the universe to manifest whatever it is that you truly desire in this lifetime. (The more detailed you are the more I can manifest for you, don't be afraid to tell me exactly what you want in life)

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