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Psychic Love Expert FHD Fahad

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I offer accurate, detailed, and honest readings in matters of Love, Relationships, and Dating. Fast, intuitive and precise psychic.

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I am an 8th generation natural born God gifted psychic. I found out my abilities when I was 8 years old. I did not know exactly what was happening and then after a few months, I started having some dreams. It was scary for me because I was a very young age of 8 years 6 months. Then I told my mom that I had this type of dream she was very happy. I was very shocked because I thought it was something horrible for me because angels came in my dreams and were saying that I can help others and the angel the angels put some lights in my body I was not sure what to make of it all as it was all still shocking to me. Then mom said that I am the person that they have been waiting for and I am very special and very powerful as an 8th generation psychic. Then she guided me to use my Gifts to help others such as people who are struggling in their life. From 9 years 6 months years of age, I started to work to help people. In the beginning, I started to work in my city but people were not very trusting of me. I was called upon to help someone who was going to die where I performed a healing over his body. Over time he began to get better. This was the first successful healing that I had done. After this, I began to explore my abilities by looking in peoples past present and future situations.


I've been gifted with my ability since birth but have been truly reading for over 11 years now. I've helped many people and I would love to help many more, it is my destiny to guide many where they have lost their way and I can learn them to simply get on the right path again.. my abilities as a psychic are accurate and honest but also very compassionate. I don't sugar coat and I'm a right to the point person, quick to respond to all your questions. I would love to speak with you today and help in any way I can have a blessed day.

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