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Gifted Experts and Advisors: Handwriting Analysis

Graphology is based on the simple principle that each person’s handwriting has its own character. We are all taught to write in a particular way when we are in school. But it is evident that the style of our handwriting changes with time. In fact, our handwriting alters significantly as we age since we begin to write letters in accordance with our personal preferences.

What is Graphology? You ask

The reason for this change is in the fact that our personalities end up affecting the way we write. And this alteration is a continuous process throughout our lives. This is because handwriting is the pattern of our psychology, which are expressed in symbols on a page. These symbols are as unique as our DNA which is one of the reasons why analyzing a person’s handwriting is so effective in determining someone’s personality.

In this sense, Graphology is a completely objective way of character assessment. Some even say it is the only way. It is true that making your mark on the world begins with the first time you use your hands to express your emotions. Just like a new born who clenches and opens its hands, the movements indicate the baby’s reactions or emotions to a particular environment.

The best thing about graphology analysis is that it can provide you with a personality profile that is totally objective and accurate. By studying a person’s hand writing, our experts can determine some intimate details by just analyzing some seemingly insignificant details in your hand writing. In fact, just by analyzing a person’s handwriting, experts can find over five thousand personality traits which can be easily identified. The graphology analysis we provide could even help reveal certain aspects about a person’s personality that they themselves never knew existed or never considered before.

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