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All of us receive certain mental impressions whenever we look at a picture. We all tend to read a person’s facial expressions, and study a person’s attire, posture and just about everything else in their picture or photograph. And we all have to deal with pre-conceived thoughts that we get at first glance.

Picture reading is very similar to psychometry in a way that a psychic experts draws impressions by focusing on a particular picture. While the pictures can be recent or old, or it can even be of a house, object or a missing person. While doing picture readings, a psychic expert is able to focus all their energies on the picture, hence revealing some amazing insights that one would not think of normally.

Our expert picture readings can also be clarity and comfort in a person’s life by providing them with the information they need to deal with various worries and relationship issues. A picture reading done by our experts can unveil truths you had never thought of and can help guide you with the choices and decisions you make at solving various issues you are facing in your life.

In fact, a picture reading by any one of our experts can go a step further and provide you with intimate information on your aura. Since every living thing has got an aura which is made up of seven layers or auric bodies that are interconnected, our psychic experts can decode a wealth of information from those auric bodies that surrounds you. The information when interoperated, can give you insights on your behavior, thinking patterns, emotions, feelings and even your health.

Each auric layer has a color which shows a different state. By identifying those colors and states, our psychic experts can unveil some astonishing details on your personality, identify emotional blocks that’s keeping you from achieving your goals, and will also give you advice on how to overcome them.

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