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All About Love Life: Married Life

When a relation goes from just being you and your spouse, to you, your spouse, and the baby, things are bound to change, and change isn’t always a bad thing. When you hold your newborn in your arms for the first time, you’ll realize that both your lives will now revolve around this helpless little being, which constantly needs round the clock undivided attention and care. Consider your marriage life officially rocked.

You life will revolve around your newborn

It goes without saying that as parents, the love you felt for your baby before it was even born was unlike anything you’ve ever felt, which only reinforced itself when you saw and held him or her for the first time. You couldn’t have predicted that, and at least for a while, you might forget that your spouse even exists. Don’t make this too obvious though and remember your spouse is just as crazy about the baby as you are.

You’ll have Zero Downtime

Your routine will change drastically; the things you used to do as a couple, that were the very foundation of your relationship will go out the window. All the intimate, cool, fun time disappears, at least for a little while. You have no time to waste, your schedule is hectic, and often, the only time you’ve left to bond with your partner is while changing the diapers. Not as sexy, but think about it; it’s sweet that you and your spouse are in this together.

Sex is a Distant Memory

Your sex life will likely take a nose dive, temporarily, of course. You might have to wait around 6 weeks after birth to have sex. And to be honest, even after you get the go-ahead from the doctor, your spouse might not be ready for it. Tack on the stress, mood swings, and exhaustion as well as lack of romance; it could be months before your spouse feels in the mood.

So be patient, this experience is new for both of you and it’s only with each other’s support that you can manage all that a baby brings.