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All About Love Life: Married Life

Emotional intimacy in a healthy relationship can only occur when both partners know exactly how they feel and are able to convey their deep feelings to one another, and express their concerns as well as understand each other. There are many areas of intimacy that every healthy marriage should work on

Intellectual intimacy

This type of intimacy is essentially a mutual understanding of all the crucial aspects and issues of your marriage. Setting life goals with one another is another way to enhance mental intimacy. For instance you can take steps to save money for a mutual goal or simply agree to go for walks on a regular basis.

Recreational intimacy

This is about enjoying different types of activities together like going on road trips, watching shows, or playing your favorite video games together. It allows both partners to explore a lighter side of each other, away from all the seriousness of life.

Financial intimacy

Discussing and sharing finances in a marriage is a very crucial aspect. Marriage is about bringing out the best in one another and improving the quality of life you live. In order to achieve this, partners in a marriage need to plan the financial aspect of the marriage that leads to a mutual goal in life.

Sexual intimacy

Sex is an important pillar of healthy intimacy in marriages. It’s about the frequency both partners are satisfied with, activities that both partners prefer and enjoy, as well as an open communication about sex. A major contributing factor resulting in strongly bonded married couples is the quality of their sex life. The most common issues a marriage faces sexually is varying interests in sex and discussing the issues.

If you wish to enhance the level of intimacy in your married life, these are the areas you need to work on and get in sync with each other.