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All About Love Life: Betrayal and Adultery

When one person in a committed relationship commits an indiscretion for their physical or emotional needs, the other may choose to stay and forgive or end the relationship altogether. Either way, an extra marital affair has major negative impact that a person can feel for a long time.

It Harms Self Esteem

Anyone who’s been cheated on is going to suffer a blow to their self-esteem. Their thoughts would immediately shift to the questions like “Wasn’t I enough?” or “If only I hadn’t let myself go, this wouldn’t be happening.” Just the way children blame themselves for the divorce of their parents; victims of extra marital affairs tend to blame themselves.

The thing is, it wasn’t you who decided to cheat, and whatever the problems you may have in your relationship, you did not decide to have an affair. It’s more likely that it had more to do with the deficiency in the other person than in you.

Lacking of Trust

The person who gets cheated on is likely to find it difficult to trust again. They may begin to doubt their own judgment of other people. Even if the person moves on and begins another relationship, the baggage may follow. It is crucial to deal with one’s trust issues. You as well as your partner are going to be grateful that you decided to deal with the consequence the affair of your partner left behind.

Feelings of Instability

After your partner’s affair you may feel that the ground has been pulled from under you, if the world hasn’t turned upside down. The sense of security and stability gets shattered and more often than not, irreparably. Take the time and find that sense of stability within, again. Assess you survival skill from your past experiences, and understand that you will be able to cope with this as well.