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All About Love Life: Separation, Falling Out and Divorce

Everyone wants a happily ever after. A great number of people go through hell in relationships, just for the sake of each other’s companionship. The real reason for all that endurance is the subconscious assurance that everything is going to work out in the end.

But in the real world, people and relationships in general, aren’t nearly that ideal. Everyone has bad habits, attitudes, and problems which keep the relationship from becoming all it can be. Thus, when things become toxic, particularly if the children are involved; the best thing one can do, is to get out. There are countless reasons why, but here are some of the major ones to consider.

Better alone than being in bad company

Being lonely and being alone isn’t the same thing. Choosing to stay in bad company is usually harder and more hurtful to bear than being alone. Once you’re out of such a relationship, you’ll look back and analyze the kind of relationship you were in and begin noticing all the warning signs you should’ve seen coming.

Prolonging a toxic relationship will prevent personal growth

A key sign of a toxic relationship is when one partner is repeatedly blaming the other. This type of frequent browbeating stops personal growth, and results in the other person feeling smaller and insignificant, as if their feelings and opinions don’t matter.

Toxicity leads to abusive relationships

Relationships of a toxic nature are not far from becoming abusive, emotionally, physiologically, and even physically. If children are involved, realize that they follow the examples of their parents. You owe it to your kids to show them what a loving, caring, and open relationship is like.

Realize your worth

All toxic relationships are extremely one-sided, as they start off great but gradually start rotating around that one toxic person. This leaves the other person in the relationship feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless. In reality, you are none of that; you are a unique person, with your own unique value, and things to offer the world.