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All About Love Life: Finding my Soulmate

Relationships are as much about understanding your partner as they are about exploring yourself, because every new experience and every new phase opens a whole new dimension. However, that just as every person has flaws, relationships have faults too; it’s all about how the couple works around them that makes a relationship successful or a disaster.

When one fails to understand themselves and their partner, problems are likely to emerge. Realize that you first need to get yourself in order before you can commit to another person. Let’s discuss some Dos and Don’ts of healthy and prosperous relationships.

Dos in a Healthy relationship

Both partners in a relationship are going to have varying interests. While it is natural for you to want your partner to show interest in your life, one must return the curtsey as well.

Always make time for hearty conversations with your partner; a healthy back and forth is crucial for a healthy relationship. It has the charm that no other thing can offer.

Remember that feelings of affection stem from mutual respect in a relationship. Without respect, all you have are two people going through the motions, and the love you felt will slowly fade away.

Don’ts of a Prosperous Relationship

If you want to prevent your feelings from being taken for granted, don’t apologize unnecessarily. It’s not considered being down to earth at all nor is it the attitude of a respectable person.

Take a break from being lovey dovey all the time, especially if you notice your partner beginning to get irritated by excessive display of affection, when all they are looking for is an empathetic ear.

Kill all doubts and nurture trust, get rid of your compulsion to go through your partner’s personal life whether it’s going through their phone or stalking them on social media.