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All About Love Life: Finding My Soulmate

What exactly is a soul mate? The generic definition is wide open:

”A soul mate is a person for whom you hold deep feelings of love, affinity, intimacy, spirituality, and sexuality.”

In order to understand the profound difference between a soul mate and a soul connection, you must first realize that your partner may not fit into this definition. A soul mate is a person with whom you connect without having the need to speak up. They will help you grow even if it means losing you. They will always represent kindness and be non-judgmental. Lastly, they will be the one you enjoy a deep, honest and sexual connection with as well.

It’s usually the “mate” aspect of a soul mate where people fall short. In reality, people often try to force another individual into a soul mate relationship and confusions arise when the element of sex is added into the equation, causing everything you’ve built thus far to fall apart. The simple answer is that our culture fails to understand that there is another level to this relationship and it’s called “Soul Companion”.

Relative to Soul Mate, a Soul Companion is more or less the same thing, but with the desire for a sexual union taken out of the equation. A soul companion is a person who’ll be truly close to you spiritually; you’ll know each other down to your soul. Have no doubt that it is a powerful place for one to be in. Just because you are this close to a person, does not mean they need to be your biological partner.

Soul companionship becomes a confusing topic at the sexual level and can be difficult for people to come to terms with. Only when you stop defining your relationship with your soul companion as being your sexual partner or mate, will you be able to open doors to many other types of special relationships.