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All About Love Life: Separation, Falling Out and Divorce

Most people nowadays own multiple social media profiles, and posting and tweeting on mundane details about one’s life have become a norm. This new cultural trend has firmly set in, and has irreparably changed the way one interacts with the world around them.

Stalking One’s Spouse

In the good ol’ days, before the advent of social media, people in relationships had no idea of their partner’s interactions socially. Even if their partner innocently flirted with someone, it would be confidential and they’d be none the wiser.

However now, we can see almost every move our boyfriends or girlfriends make on social media. Who they interact and chat with actually piques our interests, and before you know it, you’re no longer “noticing”, you’re stalking them.

It Feeds Jealousy

We feel jealous from time to time, however, social media feeds that rather unpleasant side of you, more than one would like. It can arise for a number of reasons, like sacrificing your “us time” and spending it on social media. Or maybe, who they speak with makes you feel jealous for the most petty of reasons. The lowest of the low, what they look like, or the fact they are playful and fun with them.

A study conducted quite recently discovered that people in relationships who use social media the most reported their relationships were in trouble, no surprise there. More plausible reasons that should be going through your head is that they may be looking for support from family and friends online. But making an issue out of it without any fact is simply trouble that's waiting to happen.

If you truly feel that your relationship is suffering because of social media, what you should do is have raw, real and honest conversations with your partner. If you stop focusing on all that’s external, you can ensure that the choice you are making is right for yourself and your relationship.