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The Year of the Earth Dog carries a sense of freshness and rejuvenation compared to last year’s Rooster horoscope. The Chinese Astrology brings forth betterment in all aspects of one’s life. There is honesty, prosperity and good health for most everyone during this Year of the Earth Dog. This is almost a guarantee! People can expect a year of focused responsibilities, busyness, and of course, success.

Love Horoscope for the Earth Dog

With love comes many positive changes for the Earth Dog. Relationships will be serious and deeper connections are in line, for example, a new love, a marriage proposal, pregnancy or a baby. There is independence, and depending upon your free will, this can strengthen your love bond or disable it. The choice is yours. Be honest and loyal, always.

Career, Business, and Finance for the Earth Dog

If you focus on your work or business, there is a big possibility that the Earth Dog will bring to your doors prosperity and success. Work promotion is abound and business expansion is imminent if you take your career and business seriously this year.

Now, if you do that, Chinese Astrology will favor your actions and bring good fortune. Be confident that you can do this and work doubly hard to earn what you deserve.

Don’t be pulled down by less money at the beginning of this year. It is expected that by year-end, money will flow in for you as long as you do your part. Pay off your debts slowly and never forget who and how much you owe.

Health for the Earth Dog

You are vibrant and full of energy! Keep it up all year long, but also watch out with how you choose your meals this year. Do not overeat and be active – exercise if you must. You must also preserve your mental health and reduce stress by doing calming activities.

Do your best all the time and you will get what you desire. 2018 Year of the Earth Dog is about progress. Work hard but also maintain work-life balance. Remember to never stress yourself out.