A Vast Selection of Categories, Coaches, and Advisors

Here at Psychic Heroes, we offer various Psychic services such as Fortune Telling, Cartomancy or Tarot Card Reading, All About Love Life (Married Life, Finding my Soul Mate, Same-Sex Marriage and more), Job, Career and Profession, Psychic Readings (AURA, Crystal Ball, Rune Casting and etc…). We have seven categories with more than 30 specific sub-categories to assist you with what you need. After selecting which sub-category you are interested in, a list of Psychic experts and advisors in that particular area will be available for you. Just click.

Deep and Meaningful “You and Expert” Bonding Moment

Consultation with our experts and advisors are on a one-on-one basis. You will have the full attention of our spiritual coach and it will be an online chat or phone communication. After choosing your category of psychic reading and selecting the expert, if he or she is online and open, you can directly talk to the advisor without hassle.

Converse through Email, If you Prefer

If you are not available to talk one-on-one, you can prepare all the questions that you want to talk to your spiritual coach. Write everything and email the expert of your queries that need answers immediately. In no time, the expert will respond to you with an in-depth solution. Expect a reply within 24 hours.

I Want To Join!

Become a member of Psychic Heroes and you will be satisfied with the readings every single time. It may be the answer you are looking for, like a sign, to help you move forward. Or it can be the lesson that you need to tread in order to become a better person. Who knows? The spiritual expert knows!

Just choose the expert that you are comfortable with and you will be redirected to the registration process. Type in the USERNAME and PASSWORD that you like (do not give your these information to anyone.) and the payment plan of your choice will appear on the screen. After this, you are all done. The whole registration process will not be more than 5 minutes!

Options for Payment

You can pay using your credit card or through your Paypal account. The form for the credit card payment is secure to protect your bank details.

Remember that if you pay through your credit card, there is a verification process. After that, when it is verified, you can start chatting with your selected psychic advisor. You will be charged when the session between you and the expert begins.

If you are using your Paypal account, it can either be connected to your credit card or debit card. Just follow the prompts until you transfer the payment from Paypal to Psychic Heroes. After confirmation, you will then be able to start your one-on-one session with our experts.