October 29, 2020 Cleaning up, limiting, and relinquishing the old stories has been a major subject this year (truly, in spite of your best endeavor to oppose the change). The Universe hails all the manners by which you have gotten it together, Aquarius. It's an ideal opportunity to go above and beyond this week and give Project Redecoration a go. Keep in mind, it's not tied in with enjoying huge, extravagant things. It's tied in with practicing your innovative muscles, enhancing your space in a way that stirs your feeling of bliss, and modifying the objects of craftsmanship in a way that fits the energy of the space. Realize that in doing as such, you will bring somewhat more excellence and agreement into your life. Astronomical tip: Beautify the space around you. Why don't you talk to our advisors now for more of these readings. They are online 24/7 and waiting for you.