Monthly Horoscope for April 2023 At the beginning of the month, it may be difficult for you to manage and control your emotions. They'll be supercharged, thanks to a Full Moon spotlighting your sign on April 6. You could experience an increasing feeling of resentment for letting a relationship (whether personal or business-related) consume your entire being. Expect an outburst -- but one that is necessary to restore harmony. On April 11, Venus moves into your 9th House of Expansion, imbuing a sense of romance and wonder towards the numerous possibilities present all around the globe. You could be prepared to embark on a magical journey to an entirely new world, whether you decide to take a fulfilling trip abroad or stay home and engage in a spiritual exploration of your mind. Experiences are now more valuable than money! Your partnership area returns to the forefront as the Sun and Jupiter converge on April 11th, placing emphasis on relationships, which is then followed by a Solar Eclipse on April 20th.Perhaps your emotional outburst from earlier in the month helped to clear the air in your current romantic relationship, enabling a joyful and rejuvenated beginning. This could also be a brand-new love coming your way. Libra's main areas of focus include: emotions, sensitivity, sentiments, relationships, spirituality, academic pursuits, travel, growth, business collaborations, and commitment. Download our mobile apps for phone, chat, or email readings.

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