Monthly Horoscope for February 2023 Mars, your ruling planet, has made his first trip to Capricorn since March 2020, the sign where the action planet performs at its best. You consequently feel energised in a manner that you haven't since, well, gestures wildly at everything. Your public image and professional standing both benefit from your restored vigour. If you've been hoping for a raise or some family acknowledgment, your tactics pay off on the sixteenth in a delicious way. Although we absolutely value your enthusiasm, pushing yourself too far could cause burnout towards the end of the month. A retreat is a beautiful idea throughout Pisces season, especially on the 23rd. Love Horoscope: This month, you and your partner are both preoccupied with your careers, identities, and aspirations, which leaves little time for date planning. However, the Leo full moon on the 16th falls in your romance zone, giving you permission to put pleasure first, if only for one night. Money Horoscope: This month, both you and your partner have made progress in your careers and in your financial objectives, increasing the net worth of your household. Just be careful not to blow your entire bonus when Venus and Mars make their tense conjunctions with Neptune on the 23rd and 24th. Instead, put money into your retirement account. Download our mobile apps for phone, chat, or email readings.

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