FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER 2020 Given that we're in retrograde season, you'll see that the past is advancing once more into your life (I know, how unsurprising!). In any case, truly, things have changed. You are a totally different individual, as are they. There is monstrous potential for the both of you to meet up in a solid manner. We should not lose trace of what's most important, however. 'One stage a period' is the mantra you need to embrace as of now. There's uplifting news for couples who've been isolated from one another because of the lockdown. An astronomical association is on the cards, one that will cause you to have confidence in wonders. PS: Good things are coming your direction, Aries! Force gem: Malachite isn't your customary heart chakra stone. Close by clearing the blockages, it is known to actuate the energy of change and urge you to take a wide range of dangers. Why don't you talk to our love experts. They are online 24/7 and waiting for you now.