August Horoscope 2022 Since the planets will start activating your second house of assets at the beginning of August, maintaining resources will be important. Around the time of the full moon on August 11, you may receive money in addition to having serious conversations with a romantic or business partner. On August 20, when Mars enters Gemini, you start a six-month period during which the subconscious mind sector will be completely active. Up to March 2023, you may sense a need to learn more about occult and spiritual matters, and you may even grow more reclusive than you currently are. Pay close attention to your dreams, and you might want to think about keeping a dream journal. love horoscope: You might celebrate success and happiness with your loved ones this month. Your efforts in the past have reaped rewards. You could choose to celebrate this joy with an anniversary or something else related to it. Download our mobile apps for phone, chat or email readings.

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