Monthly Horoscope for April 2023 At the start of the month, you may have to bid farewell to a friend. Once you realize the presence of an unhealthy codependency in a relationship, you can also acknowledge how harmful it can be. The Full Moon on April 6 might be the breaking point. Your romantic life, on the other hand, sparkles with lovely opportunities this month! On April 11, Venus moves into your partnership area, initiating a period of prolonged concordance between you and your significant other. This will also bode well for business connections. Also, if you are in a client-based business, don't be surprised by an influx of income. Furthermore, fertility is strengthened this month as the Sun and Jupiter combine forces in your 5th House of Children on April 11, followed by a Solar Eclipse on April 20, also in that area. If you don't have baby fever, then this might be about a creative project you start. Fulfilling ideas will flow freely. Totally single? The exceptional astrology taking place in your 5th house has the potential to swiftly attract a new romantic partner into your life. Your next romantic candidate should be brave, passionate, and inspirational. Crucial motifs for Sagittarius: dissolution of friendships, friendship dilemmas, difficult acquaintances, partnerships, commitment, clientele, commercial collaborations, offspring, infants, romantic involvement, fertility. Download our mobile apps for phone, chat, or email readings.

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