August Horoscope 2022 You have a big month ahead of you, Scorpio, as the planets will push you to accept change. This has been a 2022 process for you in which you are bringing new energy into both your professional and personal connections by letting go of the old. This will be particularly true during the powerful full moon on August 11. Mars, your planetary ruler. Then enter Gemini on August 20 and remain there until March 2023. A writing or communication endeavor could be quite important in your life over the following six months. Maybe now is the right moment to finish that book or start that podcast, Scorpio! love horoscope: You might find this month to be a little difficult for you. To achieve your objectives or make things happen in a relationship, you might need to put in more effort than usual. Verify that you don't leave any work unfinished. Download our mobile apps for phone, chat or email readings.

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