August Horoscope 2022 While the first part of the month may feel strange, on August 4, when your planet, Mercury, enters your sign, you should start to feel more at ease. Mercury can assist you with succeeding if you have work or duties to do! On August 22, as the Sun enters your sign, you'll feel more sociable and willing to flaunt your wares. The new moon in Virgo on August 27 is the finest time of the year for you to make resolutions. Since Mars will be moving into your tenth house of prosperity on August 20, it seems like your goals should center on your career and public profile, Virgo! Love horoscope: There are chances that you could get into a fight or an argument with your partner. Extreme stress would be a big obstacle and this may leave you fighting with your partner forever. Download our mobile apps for phone, chat or email readings.

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