Monthly Horoscope for June 2023 There may be some forthcoming changes in store for you, particularly in your romantic life. A Full Moon in your 5th House of Love Affairs on June 3 could signify the end of a relationship. However, if you and your partner share a deep love, this event may instead bring a surge of positive emotions between you. Additionally, it's possible that you'll receive news of a pregnancy or be approaching the birth of a child. Alternatively, this lunar event can inspire the launch of a creative project. You're entering a phase where you're ready to expand your social circle and embrace a more open-minded approach to the company you keep. The New Moon in your social 11th house on June 18 encourages you to make new friends and engage in a broader range of connections. However, be cautious about spreading yourself too thin and becoming drained by trying to be there for everyone simultaneously. On June 5, when Venus enters Leo, you'll radiate beauty and feel your best. However, be prepared for a minor power struggle in love or a business partnership on the same day, as Venus initially opposes Pluto. Don't fret too much though, as your natural charm and charisma will likely help you navigate any rough patches. Key themes for Leo during this period include love, pregnancy, romantic affairs, dating, creativity, friendship, social life, and beauty. Download our mobile apps for phone, chat, or email readings.

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