FOR THE MONTH OF JULY 2021 On the off chance that behaving recklessly was a game, you'd take the prize home. Leo, it's been made abundantly obvious to you that specific connections are simply not worth your time. Notice the old examples, cut the ropes any place important, and venture into the obscure. You have this! There are powers bigger than yourself holding space for you to make this progress. For lions who realize they have a future with someone extraordinary, this is a period of chipping away at your own objectives. Assemble your domain, child, and set those coins aside in a methodical way. PS: You will most likely be unable to see it now, however the enormous vision is meeting up. Force precious stone: Pyrite or 'blockhead's gold' functions as a defensive charm, safeguarding us against lower vibrational energies. It is additionally known to initiate the entrance of riches, wealth and administration in our lives. Why don't you talk to our advisors now for more of these readings. They are online 24/7 and waiting for you. Download our mobile apps for phone, chat or email readings.