July 26 - August 1, 2021 Among Tuesday and August 11, Mercury in your sign will smooth out and explain your self-articulation. You'll be propelled to share your thoughts and information, which may grab the eye of individuals who are in synchronize with your astuteness. Also, if your words are energized by both your psyche and heart, you'll have a more prominent shot at drawing in somebody exceptional. A Love Psychic can uncover what your words will mean for your adoration life. Then, Mars traveling into Virgo on Thursday for seven weeks will empower your acquiring power, so be watching out for freedoms to utilize your gifts. This weekend, the sun converging with Mercury in your sign will engage your interchanges, yet a resistance from Saturn will back off or extend your points of view. Why don't you talk to our advisors now for more of these readings. They are online 24/7 and waiting for you. Download our mobile apps for phone, chat or email readings.